Alicante 2014: Look back to see ahead

Revisiting places, events and people every 20 years is a deep-seated social tradition, though not one recognized by law. This tradition moves us to reflect on our experiences over two decades and, based on this look backwards, considers how best to move forward.

Consistently, twenty years after the adoption of the Community Trade Mark Regulation, with works on updating it in full swing, ECTA is back in Alicante for its 2014 Annual Meeting.

Through its Committees, ECTA is playing an active role in the revision of the Regulation, as well as in respect of several other issues, offering opinions and suggestions aimed at enhancing the quality of the trade mark protection, as the valuable assets they have been for tens of years, when they have contributed to the wealth and welfare of nations and to job creation, as the European Observatory on Counterfeiting and Piracy rightly observed in its study released in October 2013.

It should be recalled that ECTA was formed in 1980 as an outgrowth of initial work by the then EEC seeking to harmonize trade mark law and practice at Community level and to create a unitary tool, the Community Trade Mark, so ECTA is pleased to come back to Alicante, at the OHIM’s invitation and with its full support.

To ensure that the meeting will do justice to the significance of the date, an extremely interesting programme of presentations has been put together, with Alicante’s modern and superb Convention Centre as its venue, to review the functioning of the Community trade mark system at this time and cast a look ahead at what changes may lie in store, and an equally attractive programme of social activities is also being offered.

We trust that both the working and social programmes, along with the OHIM’s involvement and the anniversary being commemorated, will draw many ECTA members, IP practitioners, and right holders to the ever bright and hospitable city of Alicante, and from there we extend our warmest welcome to all.

Domenico de Simone Luis-Alfonso Durán - Mireia Curell - Luis de Larramendi
ECTA President Organising Committee