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AC Translations

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AC Translations specialises in intellectual property translation. We have been supplying quality products to our clients for 35 years and have in-depth knowledge of the patent and trademark life cycle. The added value that we give our clients is a translation that is fit for purpose and can be used to protect their intellectual property throughout the world. Our success is built on understanding our clients’ needs. They trust us to get it right and they keep coming back for more.

Contact details:

Sigma House
6-8 Garden Street
Tunbridge Wells
Kent TN1 2XB, UK

+44 1892 549784
+44 1892 707713

E-mail: amanda.conrad@actranslations.co.uk

Website: www.actranslations.co.uk

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Trademark Research Services

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Corsearch is a leading global provider of Trademark Clearance and Brand Protection solutions. Our innovative services address the needs of trademark and branding professionals across the full spectrum of the brand lifecycle. Corsearch services, including those from Avantiq and CitizenHawk, combine deep industry expertise and unparalleled service with quality research and sophisticated technology designed for clearing and protecting trademarks globally, both online and offline.

Website: www.corsearch.com / www.corsearch.eu

Europe: +32 (0)2 716 32 32
United Kingdom: +44 (0)808 234 3432
United States: 1 800 SEARCH 1™ (800 732 7241)

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The Global IP Case Law Database

Company Description:

Darts-ip is the Global Intellectual Property ("IP") Case Law Database. Enabling big and small law firms, IP consulting specialists and corporates around the world to find cases that matter and to gain IP insight. Darts-ip collects decisions daily and currently has over 1,400,000 cases from over 1,800 courts globally. Each individual decision is analysed locally by trade mark, patent, design or domain name specialists. And search interfaces are tailored to the needs of IP professionals.

Website: www.darts-ip.com

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Dennemeyer & Co

Company Description:

For more than 50 years, Dennemeyer has been the industry leader and premier resource for serviced IP capabilities, offering sophisticated and cost-effective solutions which allow the management of IP portfolios in an easy and competitive way.

Our core service areas include: Patent Annuity Payments, Trademark Renewals, Recordals, IP Consulting and IP Management Software

With more than 50 years of IP experience in a multitude of industries, our experts understand well the clients’ needs who always benefit from our tailor-made solutions. Our streamlined processes and ISO approval enable us to process in high volumes, a benefit we pass onto our customers in cost and speed. Working in unison with Dennemeyer & Associates, we provide experienced patent and trademark attorneys who are able to offer the full range of legal services relating to intellectual assets.

Visit our booth to learn more about our services and DIAMS iQ - the industry’s most innovative IP Software.

Website: www.dennemeyer.com

Contact details:

55, rue des Bruyères
L-1274 Howald, Luxembourg
Phone : +352 49 98 41 1
Fax : +352 49 98 41 999
e-Mail : info@dennemeyer.com

European Trade Mark and Design Network

The European Trade Mark and Design Network is the hub that connects the European IP Offices, working together to achieve a true trade mark and design system in the EU in which common practices, services and tools are focused on the needs of IP professionals and rights holders.

In order to achieve this vision, the Network is carrying out two main initiatives:

  • The convergence of practices between European IP Offices through the Convergence Programme.
  • The creation of tools to support harmonization and provide efficient e-services to improve overall user experience, through the Cooperation Fund.

Website: www.tmdn.org


The Office for the Harmonization in the Internal Market (Trade Marks and Designs), OHIM, is the official trade marks and designs office of the European Union. OHIM registers the Community trade mark (CTM) and registered Community design (RCD), which provide trade mark and design protection at the EU level.

OHIM supports the European Trade Mark and Design Network through 23 projects and a €50 million budget for the successful achievement of the Network’s collaborative initiatives.

Website: www.oami.europa.eu

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Grant Thornton Alyafi IP Group

Company description:

We provide a full range of IP services ranging from registrations to prosecutions of patents, designs, trademarks, copyrights and domain names. We also provide Ip consulting services including IP valuation, IP audit and due diligence, legal advisory, franchising and licensing.

Practice Area:

UAE (Dubai), Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, Kurdistan (Erbil), Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Gaza & West Bank, Kuwait, Lebanon, Bahrain, Tunisia, Syria and Iraq.

Contact Person:

Dr. Mowafak Al Yafi
Title: Managing Partner
Email: ips@gtyafi.com
Web: www.gtyafi.com

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IPPro The Internet

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Online Intellectual Property Magazine

Company Description:

IPPro The Internet is the key resource for professionals who enforce, protect and promote IP online. It covers the entire spectrum of intellectual property as it relates to the internet, from trademark infringement cases to the increasingly complex domain name space. It reports the news as it happens and provides analysis from industry experts who are on the inside and outside of key industry developments.

IPPro The Internet’s key areas: patent, trademark and copyright infringement; trademark and patent filings; technology licensing; online counterfeiting; domain name developments and disputes; new gTLDs; social media developments and disputes; brand promotion through online advertising and social media; regulatory developments; IP office developments; and IP technology.

Website: www.ipprotheinternet.com


Carlos Northon
Associate Publisher
+44 (0) 208 663 9623

Mark Dugdale
+44 (0) 208 663 9620

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SMD International Schutz Marken Dienst GmbH

Company Profile:

Trademark Searching and Monitoring – Worldwide

We search and monitor trademarks and other IP rights, such as company names, domain names, patents and industrial designs. Internationally, we cooperate with excellent partners to complement our range of services. SMD International (Benelux) for example is specialised in handling trademark searches with legal assessment.

Through SMD International (Benelux) you have access to a global network of independent trademark attorneys and legal professionals who have extensive experience in their local laws and customs.

NEW: This year, we introduce our completely revised trademark search software SMD Cedelex. Furthermore, we now offer Trademark Management Services. Please contact us to obtain further details!

Website: www.smd-international.info

Contact details:
Phone: + 49 4102 8048 0
Fax: + 49 4102 8048 35
Mail: mail@smd-international.info

Company Name:

Thomson Compumark / Thomson Reuters

Company Description:

Thomson CompuMark develops and delivers intelligent trademark information and trademark research services. We provide trademark and brand professionals the information needed to protect the value of brands while reducing the time, costs, complexity and risks of managing trademark portfolios. Thomson CompuMark is part of Thomson Reuters and employs more than 600 people worldwide, with operational and sales offices in Belgium, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. For more information, go to compumark.thomson.com.

Contact details:
Thomson CompuMark
Tel +32 3 220 72 11
Fax +32 3 220 73 90

Company Name:

World Trademark Review

Company Description:

World Trademark Review is the world’s only independent daily news and information service dedicated to the issues that matter to international trademark professionals. In addition to a daily email bulletin, each issue of the magazine provides in-depth coverage of industry trends, considers the strategic application of trademarks and presents interviews with leading industry personalities.

Contact details:
World Trademark Review
Globe Business Publishing Ltd
New Hibernia House, Winchester Walk
London SE1 9AG
United Kingdom
Tel + 44 207 734 06 06
Fax + 44 207 234 08 08

Trevor Little / Editor